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NAWAAH The great festival Nawaah is the first religious festival of the village Karmauli inaugurated in 1959. NAWAAH(NAW means Nine and AAH means Day)is the festival in which devotees keep chanting the pious mandtra Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram! continuously for nine days.
There are several sayings in aspect of the festival Nawaah, but at a certain extent the credit in the inauguration goes to Late. Suryanarayan Jha. He was the one who thought about it with full fledge determination and he got the support by his great companions and contemporaries. Few other great names are Late Surat Jha(Bhuthe Jha), Late Anant Jha, Late Makundat Roy, Late Mangal Jha, Pt. Shankar Jha, Late Kashi Jha etc. Pt. Shankar Jha was the one great devotee who contributed one moon i.e. 30 kg paddy in the contribution of this festival.
It is the privilege that the festival is held every year on the 14th January (Makar Sankranti) after their successful attempt.We all owe a big thanks to the great man named Pt. Jaimadhav Thakur(from Dhamiyapatti). He was the headmaster of the Sanskrit High School, Karmauli and the one who moulded the sacred mantra Sri Ram! Jai Ram! Jai Jai Ram!. Thus, one can say that he was the founder of this religious mantra.The another great name Pt. Harishankar Jha, the one who planted the Pious Peepal Tree, the memorable tree around which all the devotees chanted the mantra.In the year 1995 Pt. Sri Baidyanatha Jha determined to construct the temple by the suggestion of Sri Bacha Jha.
The particular reason of this great festival was to relief people from starvation,drought and major calamites.
Source:- As per inputs received from villagers
Recorded by:- Deepak Thakur & Rajan Jha
Durga Puja The word Durga Puja is solely enough to zest up the intensity of the villagers of Karmauli. This great occasion was inaugurated in 1964 by the inspiration of the great pandits Late Pt. Jaimadhav Thakur(from Dhamiyapatti), Late Pt. Lakshman Jha and Late Pt. Shivanand Jha.
People always like to cherish the great man Pt. Jaimadhav Thakur, who first meditated on this festival with thorough devotion. He was the headmaster of sanskrit vidyalaya karmauli and the man who was honoured by the President award. He was also the first Purohit(one who guides worshiper) of Durga pooja and Pt. Sri Gokulanand Jha was the first worshiper,after that many great pandits replaced each other as worshipers in this devotional occasion.
The great names are as Pt. Muktinath Jha, Pt. Jagannath Jha, Pt. Raghvendra Jha, Pt. Visheshwar Jha, Pt. Yugalkishore Jha etc. The pious convention of immolation was also inaugurated in the very first year of Durga pooja by Pt. Jaimadhav Thakur. Late Vaidik Abhaykant Jha was the first devotee to imolate his Chhagar(goat) in the night of Nisha pooja(Saptmi) of this ten days occasion.
The total budget in the inauguration year of this festival was Rs. 1400. There is a saying regarding the rule of contribution that one had to contribute on the base of ones land property which was Rs. 1 per one bigha land. Pt. Lakshman Jha was the first Secretary (koshadhyaksh) of the very first year of this occasion.
Due to the scarcity of the temple, the occasion was held in sanskrit vidyalaya for severat years. In the amicable peace ambience of karmauli, Mrs. Tara Devi w/o Late Gulab Jha determined to build a temple for the sake of the festival and thus made her name immortal.
The total expenditure on construction of new Durga Mandir is approx 35.98 Lakhs. The villager are also thankful to Er.Arun Jha for his major contribution(~Rs.6.5 Lakhs).
The mere objective of this pious occasion was for the sake of mankind and to for the salvation of the villagers from any sort of sins. The festival is continuing yet with the pledge (created by the state pandit Late Jaggadhar Jha) indexed in the second part of the annual conception.The pledge was first followed by pt. Jaimadhav Thakur.(Nananaam Gotranaam Etad Gram Niwasana Durgapujarth Dvin Vyay Karinaam Sadarapatya Mitranam) and the oath is prevailing till now. One always likes to articulate his sentiments and spirit in aspect of this great occasion.
Source:- As per inputs received from villagers
Recorded by:- Deepak Thakur & Rajan Jha