About Karmauli 

 The great pious name KARMAULI (KAR-Hand and MAULI-the sacred band tied on hand) is itself sufficient to clarify its sacredness. Karmauli is a very popular village in the Madhubani district of Bihar. The village Karmauli is being known as the village of great Pandits and Brahmans since ancient times. The people of this village speak in pure Maithili language. There is a saying about this village that even the person who looks after buffaloes recites/chants Vedas and Mantras. We are proud that our ancestors have made Karmauli as a role model in Education, Social Work etc. and our vision is to retain it being the youth of this village. KVP i.e. Karmauli Vikas Parishad is an experiment in this area. Let’s take a pledge to change the outlook of our village.