About Karmauli Vikas Parishad 

 KVP (Karmauli Vikas Parishad) is founded by the members of Karmauli Youth Group and the agenda is to strengthen the youth and contribute our share in the progress and development of our village. KVP is a registered society and is committed to contribute in the areas like – Education, Health, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Eradicate Corruption, speed up Development activities in Karmauli etc.The first meeting was held on 21-Dec-2014 at Connaught Place in Delhi, in which most of the youth from Karmauli, attended and decided to form Karmauli Vikas Parishad society get it registered. Website has been developed and everything will be made online to bring out transparency in the work. The second meeting of KVP was held at Lotus Temple in Delhi on 1-Feb-2015. The third meeting of KVP was held at India Gate, Delhi. Minutes of Meeting can be obtained by sending mail to administrator for the same.KVP is funded by the youth of Karmauli and its wing known as KYG(Karmauli Youth Group). The registered members will contribute annually and the money as a whole will be used in fulfilling the objectives of KVP.