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KVP Library inauguration in Karmauli by great Pt. Raghuvendra Jha along with Hon'ble Anand Master Ji

Appreciation to KVP Team from Pt. Raghvendra Jha, Shri Anand Master, Shri Saroj Jha ji, Shri Sunil

Members registered from Karmauli Vikas Parishad Website (

Free Computer Training Program by Karmauli Vikas Parishad

Laptop available for students for free computer practical session in Library

Understanding Map of Karmauli

Durga Mandir of Karmauli - Sacred place in Karmauli

Few others temple in Karmauli - Have you seen it ?

Dighbar Sthan - Sacred Place in Karmauli

Welcome to Karmauli Vikas Parishad 

  Welcome to the official website of Karmauli Vikas Parishad. Karmauli Vikas Parishad i.e. KVP is registered under societies registration act XXI of 1860. It was registered in the NCT of Delhi on 26th September,2015 and can have its operations all over India.
This website will keep you up-to-date with all the latest activities/projects being carried out by KVP to cite KVP Library in Karmauli, Promoting Swachh Bharat Abhiyan in Karmauli etc.
The great pious name KARMAULI (KAR-Hand and MAULI-the sacred band tied on hand) is itself sufficient to clarify its sacredness. Karmauli is also a very popular village in Bihar and is being known as the village of great Pandits and Brahmans since ancient times. There is a saying about this village that even the person who looks after buffaloes recites/chants Vedas and Mantras. KVP has the support from the youth and dignitaries from all over India. In this website we will also make you familiar with the History of Karmauli, About KVP, Major Occassion in Karmauli, Registered Members, KVP Team etc. Come, let us together change the outlook of Karmauli and our country.

KVP Enquiry Number :- 7358556652 (Mr. Arun Jha) | 9873361518 (Mr. Ravindra Thakur) | 9971631483 (Mr. Rajan Jha) | 9654640751 (Mr. Govind Jha) | 9582096120 (Mr. Puran Jha) | 8447259768 (Mr. Ashish Jha) | 9873965232 (Mr. Bipin Thakur) | 7564802703 (Deepak Thakur)